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Our Mission Statement

To provide an after school karate program that concentrates on developing positive character skills, physical fitness and good study habits.


It’s not daycare, it’s a Martial Arts Program!


Our teachers pick up your children at the end of the school day, bring them to the dojo and get them dressed and prepared to train their mind and body through karate discipline. They spend the first hour in class working out, learning discipline, manners and respect for themselves, teachers, parents and other students. After class, the kids get back into their clothes and work on their school work. When they’re finished, they’re allowed to read or play quietly. There are no electronics allowed – which means your child is being watched and cared for by a qualified human being – not a video game or a TV!

Martial Arts Benefits

Children who participate in our after school program are full-fledged martial arts students. They develop physical skills like strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and coordination. Teachers also help students increase focus, self-discipline, and respect for themselves and others.

Wholesome Relationships

Our students come from schools from around the Arlington area. They quickly form friendships at the dojo which can last a lifetime. The skills and values we teach our students help them choose and develop friendships which are wholesome, supportive and nurturing. We emphasize the importance of self-discipline, doing what is right and making the commitment to be a person of honor and integrity. These life skills will benefit your child at school, at home, in other sports and in LIFE!


The Busho Kai USA 'After School Program' provides a 'safe' and 'secure' environment for your child.  Provide your child with a daily organized and professionally supervised period that will give you 'peace of mind' and enrich their learning.

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