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BIRTHDAY PARTY PROGRAM TESTIMONIAL  -  One Kicking Birthday Party!.....Tiffany R.

My son Hamilton became aware of martial arts at age 8 and began asking me tons of questions. No stranger to martial arts myself, I gave him tons of information. He decided that he wanted to participate in Karate. My goal at that point was to find a dojo that was kid friendly but did not lack in teaching the true disciplines of the art and emphasized sparring, etc. I searched far and wide but wasn't really satisfied with what I was finding. My search actually included some of the dojos that we often are matched up with in tournaments. Finally, I found Busho Kai. When I walked in the door I knew it was the right place. Every single instructor has taken time with my son and that has been invaluable. Since the beginning my son has thrived and flourished more than I can articulate. He's learned more of the intangibles than he has anything else. He became more confident and assertive. Because Busho Kai is more than just a dojo, my son became more social as well and he gets fulfillment from achieving stripes, belts and even learning things such as executing even the smallest techniques. I would also go as far to say that my son's success has also enhanced his academics as well, for he's learned how to focus and persevere. Maybe he would have learned those things eventually but I can truly say that he fully grasped those concepts directly because of his time at Busho Kai. Three and a half years later, Hamilton is on the verge of earning his first black belt and, as far as we're concerned, Hamilton will be a Karate-Ka for life. When you walk into Busho Kai on any given day, it is an amazing sight to see so many pre-teens and teens with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree black belts. It lets you know that something serious is going on because it is not easy to get that age group to concentrate and focus on something long enough to achieve anything of that magnitude. But it's done consistently and regularly at Busho Kai. Busho Kai has been nothing but a positive experience for us. That's a fact.

Reggie S. & Family

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When we enrolled our son at Busho Kai, our goal was to help him improve his ability to focus and provide him an outlet for his energy. From the very beginning, we were able to see his self-esteem and confidence level rise quickly with each belt he earned in this disciplined sport.  The benefits were so great that we decide to enroll our daughter as well. We have enjoyed watching our kids connect with a community of friends by participating in the Busho Kai events. Our family has been blessed by the Lewis family and pleasantly surprised by how much more physically and socially active our family is becoming thanks to the families and friends we have made at Busho Kai.

Rick and Kim B. and Family

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From the time my son was first born, we knew he was a little ball of energy and wildly filled with curiosity.  Being young parents, we thought this was just a normal part of being a little boy and he would grow out of it. It wasn’t until my son was in pre-school we began to realize these wonderful qualities he possessed were starting to get in the way of his ability to focus and sit still in a classroom setting. With each school year that passed, I found myself in and out of parent teacher conferences, hearing and sounding about the same. Besides the fact that he was very intelligent, his ability to maintain focus was causing him to miss simple instructions and his grades were affected. I also began to see my son’s self-esteem become an unwelcome side effect. While changes in his diet and trying several vitamins and supplements showed to be unsuccessful, we continued to hold strong to the option of medication being a last resort. With this struggle weighing heavy on my heart, I stumbled upon a brilliant option that I never thought to try before.

As I was sitting in the pick-up line at my son’s school, I saw the brightly colored Busho Kai van with smiling faces painted all across the side. With hopeful curiosity, I met with the Busho Kai family and instantly felt right at home. I was very open and up front from the very beginning with my goals for my son, and they always made me feel like I had come to the right place. That was 3 years ago now and I can tell you first hand that the changes I have seen in my son are more than I could have ever imagined. He loves the skills he has learned and the friends he has made. We love the amount of growth we have seen, not only in his ability to focus, but his acquired self-discipline that he needed. We were so pumped about the results of my son’s training; we decided this year to enroll our 6 year old daughter into the program as well! The nice bonus of that decision is all the “yes or no sir/Ma’am”; we get around the house now!  If you or your family is struggling with any similar difficulties like ours, I would like to highly recommend you to try Busho Kai Martial Arts and Fitness. It could possibly be the answer you have been looking for, like us!

Brooke C. & Family

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My experience with Busho Kai has been very positive. The dojo is very family oriented and the classes are fun and motivating! My children have not only benefited physically, but emotionally and academically as well. Their self-esteem has soared and their ability to focus at school has improved tremendously. With the help of the awesome instructor, my children have learned self defense, respect and self-discipline. Thanks Busho Kai!

Laura C.

Our oldest son began his karate training at Busho Kai in August 2007. He did so well and grew so much from his experience in class that we signed up our daughter the following spring when she turned four. They have both benefitted from not only the training they have received in karate, but also from the lessons they have learn about life, family, and community through the different events and venues in which the Busho Kai family participates. They are confident and strong, empathetic and truly concerned; we can credit Busho Kai for helping to encourage our children to grow in such a positive direction.

 Karate at Busho Kai has been more than just classes that our children attend; it has been a place of growth, safety, and respect in all of our lives. Even though he doesn’t attend classes, our third child feels just as at home and welcome in the dojo as do our children who do attend classes. Our youngest child has basically grown up there, as he has been coming to his oldest brother’s and sister’s classes since he was a month old; in fact, he practices with them at home! We are very fortunate to have found Busho Kai and become a part of their family- and they a part of ours.

Danielle S. and Family

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We first brought our son to Busho Kai to learn the art self-defense. What we received was much more. Now thirteen years later we have two additional children enrolled. We love the attention the school gives to all aspects of our children’s lives. Busho Kai not only teaches our kids discipline and self-defense, but a respect for others and themselves, the value of friendship and hard work while having fun. Busho Kai has been a positive experience for our family.

Seble K.

In the six years we’ve been coming to Busho Kai Martial Arts & Fitness, Hanshi Ivan Lewis and his instructors have become like family to my kids and me. My son, Justin, has been enrolled in karate classes and the after-school program for 6 years. At 11, he is a first-degree black belt, and I believe, a more confident, character-driven human being because of his years at Busho Kai. The staff is motivating, encouraging and most important for me as a mom, caring toward my children! My daughter, Kinsey (now 8), started karate several years ago. Although her personality is much different from her brother, she is also excelling in the program. Hanshi Lewis and his staff provide valuable support for my family. They are mentors to my children. I can think of many times (when having an issue of attitude or behavior at home or school) I have asked my kids, ‘would you like to go and talk to Hanshi about that?’ and that has been enough to clear up whatever struggles we are facing! My kids know to expect Hanshi and his staff to be firm and for the standards to be high. On the flip side, it’s all done with a sense of humor and with plenty of room for fun. Some of my kids’ fondest memories have come from competitions and summer camp at Busho Kai: playing dodge ball, learning a kata set to music, cheering fellow students on during a tournament. My kids also participate in Busho Kai's after school program and I'm convinced it's the best place for my children! The instructors pick up my kids from school and take them to the dojo where they spend an hour learning from some of the best karate teachers around. Then, they work on homework, read, or participate in team-building games. My kids have developed a healthy respect for all their instructors. Our time at Busho Kai has been nothing but a win for our family. My kids are more confident, more disciplined and more sure of who they are. They are keeping fit and they have acquired skills that will help keep them safe. The bonus for us is our friendships with instructors, other students and their families. Many of those bonds will last a lifetime!

Lari L.

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Unique and the best of both worlds. We have two sons training at Busho Kai, and they have very different personalities and abilities. Our youngest son, Nathan, has enjoyed competition. The school and instructors have a long history of developing national champions (his goal), and he has pursued this goal for the past two and half years. Along the way he has developed his skills, but more importantly his character and a sense of humility have also developed. He has learned that winning isn’t really the goal, but rather it is to prepare and perform the best as he can. Our other son Alex pursued martial arts at other schools over the course of several years, but there never seemed to be a good fit. He has ADHD and a borderline Autism Spectrum Disorder and other schools wanted his square peg fit into their round hole of what a student should be. Unlike his brother, Alex doesn’t seek competition, but he does enjoy practicing martial arts. After observing how Nathan’s instructors at Busho Kai interacted with students over a two year period, we decided Busho Kai would provide a positive environment for Alex. It was the correct decision. His self-confidence has improved, and he has developed friendships with other students. The instructors treat each student with respect and dignity, as individuals, and understand their needs and abilities. The instructors help each student develop to their individual potential, not some idealized “perfect student”. Their motto could very well be “Be the best martial artist YOU can be.” We are pleased that Busho Kai provides a positive, nurturing environment for both our sons, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a martial arts home.

Larry and Jennifer C.

Our experience at Busho Kai has been great for our family. Not only has our son benefited from his training but we all have benefited from the positive family environment. We have made lifelong friends and found a place to share parenting ideas with other parents who have very similar goals for their children. Randy has gone from a little boy who could not stop talking in school to a well-mannered young boy who gets straight “A’s” and has received many compliments from his teachers about his behavior. We are so pleased with our son’s accomplishments that we recently enrolled our three year old daughter.

Tia Y.

My son, Tyler, has been at Busho Kai for 2 years. We started attending after my son repeatedly told me about the "karate van" that picked kids up from his school. I contacted one of the parents and asked her about the "karate van". We decided to try a week of summer camp to see if Tyler would like karate. We began a few weeks prior to summer camp so he could get acquainted with the environment and people prior to camp. He was hooked after his first day!!! After the first week of summer camp, he was asking if he could go to summer camp at Busho Kai for the rest of the summer. So, it is now 2 years later, and he still LOVES karate and Busho Kai. I wouldn't send him anywhere else for the summer! The summer camp then led to after school care at the dojo. What a wonderful program!!! Kids are picked up from school, have homework time, and karate class all before I pick him up in the evening! Busho Kai's staff have helped my son become more confident, responsible, physically stronger, and encouraged him to set goals and work hard. I love watching his face light up when he gets a new belt or accomplishes something that he didn't think he would ever be able to accomplish. He has mentioned that he wants to open up a karate business when he grows up...I think that would be a great way to pay it foward!

Tynette B. and Tyler H.

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When we were looking for a karate school, my husband's coworker said that if we wanted the best school that Busho Kai was the place to go. Renshis Susan and Cynthia and Hanshi Lewis' reputations preceded them and so we enrolled right away. Not only has Busho Kai turned out to be a fantastic school, worth the drive from Fort Worth, but they have become like family. Every one of their teachers is not only just their teacher, but a role model that my kids look to and adore. We've made great friends not just among the kids but among the moms as well.
Our main concerns were learning self-defense and self-discipline. One of our children had a bad habit of hitting out of anger. Busho Kai has met our every expectation and so much more. In the two years we've been here, our children have grown and blossomed considerably. Not only do they show more focus in school and at home, but they show great self-control, discipline and respect. We no longer have issues with hitting (within the first 6 months). We've also been surprised to see how much their confidence has grown and they handle new situations and challenges in a way they would have fought against before. Busho Kai has fostered a sense of pride in my children. I would highly recommend them to anyone know matter their age.

Kami H. and Family
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I started my Martial Arts training under Hanshi Lewis 15 years ago.  When I first started Karate my goal was to “get in shape” and “learn some self-defense” in the process.  But, soon after starting Karate I was hooked and knew that I would never quit.  I never imagined that I would earn a 3rd degree Black Belt.  One of the things I like most about Karate is the discipline and self-respect that it teaches.  I like that I can progress at my level and not at anyone elses.  Now, as a parent with two kids I realize just how important these skills are.  My kids have started training within the last year and are really enjoying it.  Laurel competed in the Inner Dojo tournament recently which really motivated her.  Joshua started in Little Dragons and is now in the big kids class.  They are always excited about the next belt promotion which really makes it fun.      

Through my years of training I have come to love and respect my Karate family.  I have made awesome friends at the Dojo and have memories that will last a lifetime.  Hanshi Lewis and his family are dedicated and committed to the success of their students.

Janna M. & Family

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Our son started karate at Busho Kai at the age of four.  Now, six years later with his black belt, he is growing into a self-confident and respectful young man with the help of the wonderful instructors.  All of the instructors lead by example and demonstrate, what I believe, to be the true spirit of martial arts.

They all educate and demonstrate with both passion and compassion, teaching not only students, but also future teachers of the art. Busho Kai started an after school program which has been a blessing for our family. As most families know there is never enough time in the day to get everything done (homework, football, baseball, etc...) With this program our son is picked up at his school and taken to the dojo, a safe and caring place, to do his homework and take his karate classes before we get off work. This allows us more family time at home. It also allows our son to assist in teaching the new students and learn what it is to be a true role model.

Amy R.