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The Student and Public Newsletter's are being combined.  The Busho Kai Express Newsletter will be located under News & Events on the Main Menu.


KidzCare Learning Academy Suite #105 in the Busho Kai Dojo.

KidzCare Learning Academy is a top-ranked, state-licensed childcare facility located in the heart of Mansfield. As an annex of Busho Kai USA, Inc., KidzCare Learning Academy not only offers our students a fun and exceptional educational experience, they also participate in our nationally recognized Martial Arts Program.
Contact US:  info@kidzcareacademy.com     Website:  www.kidzcareacademy.com

Tournament Training Classes


The Tournament Training Classes meeting is on January 31, 2015 here at the Dojo.  Don't miss out on a great opportunity to enhance your karate training through these classes.  Visit the Tournament Training Classes page by logging in with your Student ID and selecting 'Tournament Training Classes' from the 'News & Events' menu.

This form will serve as a Participation/Waiver form for the participant(s) named here. Busho Kai, upon receipt of this completed form, will send an email to the Parent/Guardian email address indicated on this form to confirm your identity and permission of your eligible child(ren)to attend the event.
I, as a legal parent/guardian, allow my child(ren)(Participants named above) (minor[s]) to participate in Busho Kai USA, Inc. Parent’s Night Out. Further, as legal representative of said minor(s), hereby release and forever discharge the owners, promoters, instructors, staff members, building or property owners and/or their assigns and all participants from any and all claims, actions, injuries, and personal or property damages that might occur to said minor(s) as a result of participation in the activities. I do hereby give Ivan Lewis and/or his assigns permission to administer first aid to said minor(s) or take minor(s) to an emergency medical center should the need arise. By evidence of my signature below, I agree and understand all terms, statements, and conditions as written above.
NOTE: This form MUST be received with all necessary fields completed before your child(ren) will be permitted to attend. Once completed, please click on the Buy Now button on the page below to use PayPal or your Credit Card to purchase tickets to this event for each participant indicated on this form. Thank you and we hope to see your child(ren) at this event!